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5 Best Generative AI Tools for Artists in 2023

With the right tools, generative AI can help artists, illustrators, musicians, photographers, creatives, and more get from that magical idea in their head to that first sketch in a matter of seconds.

4 Practical Generative AI Tools to Enhance Small Businesses

ChatGPT is showing us how whole industries could be fundamentally altered by generative AI, starting with the creative industry. Now that it's spreading, small businesses can capitalize on this trend in a big way.

What is Google's Bard and How Does it Compare to ChatGPT?

On February 6th, Google's long-awaited response to ChatGPT's rapid success finally came out. Google's new conversational AI is called Bard and it aims to overtake the generative AI throne from ChatGPT.

6 Revolutionary Generative AI Tools for Video Game Development

Generative AI is helping charter an exciting new course for the video game industry, from cutting down animation time to immersive world-building. Read on for our pick of six generative AI tools for video game development.

4 Generative AI Tools to Get Ahead in Your Content Production

Content creation is more than just writing an informative article or a catchy copy. In the digital domain, every piece of text vies for presence among the top search results. Why not get ahead of the game by streamlining your success with Generative AI?

4 Useful Generative AI Tools for Creatives

Generative AI is one of the most powerful tools a creative can have in their toolkit. Read now to discover four revolutionary tools that will help take your work to the next level.

4 Generative AI Tools That Change the Game for Sales Teams

If anyone out there still has any doubts over the functional usefulness of generative AI, the year 2023 will help them change their minds. In a series of articles on generative AI tools that will mark the forthcoming months, we'll highlight some of the promising pieces of AI technology useful to every business. And we're starting with the most overlooked candidate – sales and marketing!

The Impact of Generative AI on Education and Learning

Historically, we’ve adapted our ways of learning to our tech – from the calculator and the internet. Will generative AI change this? Read now to find out.

AI in 2023 (and Beyond) – What Will the Future Bring?

As we open the first chapter of 2023, we can all agree that the year behind us has been fruitful for AI. Many milestones have been reached and numerous boundaries pushed further than ever before. This sets some pretty high expectations for the coming year: will 2023 be able to meet them?

Microsoft Brings ChatGPT to Bing: Is AI Reinventing Search Engines?

The sudden emergence of ChatGPT has broken the long-held status quo and dominance of traditional ways of exploring the Internet. As many speculate that artificial intelligence will put an end to search engines as we know them, companies such as Google and Microsoft scramble to incorporate the new technology in order to avoid becoming obsolete. Now, the first decisive step forward seems to have been made by Bing.

2022 As a Year of AI Breakthroughs: A Retrospective

Here at Skippet, we are a bit more observant of breakthroughs in AI, sure. However, it doesn't take an expert to see the giant leaps that AI technologies have taken this year.

ChatGPT is the latest viral AI model. Why is it so successful?

What makes ChatGPT unique from other language models such that it has experienced such success? The answer is simple. Read on to find out.

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