4 Generative AI Tools That Change the Game for Sales Teams

What is Generative AI?

It's said that it's always best to let the person (well, in this case – software) introduce themselves, so we did exactly that. We asked generative AI to explain itself. And it answered.

In short, artificial intelligence is a simulation of a human thought process. In the perspective of generative AI vs AI, the main difference is that in generative AI this process generates a finished product, eg. images, videos, and text.

Why does it matter? Humans can do that too, right? 

Well, not like this. In cases where it takes humans hours, days, or months to make something, generative AI delivers within minutes or even seconds. More importantly, it does not require extensive training or suffer from creative blocks. With a single textual input, generative AI can provide inspiration for your creative solutions, solve problems or find ways towards a goal, or simply do the same thing, just way, way faster than the user.

Sounds powerful? That's because it is. Which does a good job of explaining all the hype.

Generative AI and Sales Teams

While image-generating AI and chatbots took the spotlight last year, generative AI has several prominent and innovative tools that have entered the sales and marketing parts of businesses and made revolutions parallel to their viral counterparts. Let's talk a bit about a few of them, shall we?

1. PolyAI

For many businesses, the logistics and maintenance of customer support and voice assistants are massive, and it only expands as your business grows.

Cue PolyAI.

PolyAI provides voice assistants that interact with customers by having natural conversations to deliver answers and solve their issues. This generative AI relies on massive amounts of learned conversations in many languages and accents to understand customers, regardless of the way they speak or the information that they express.

In other words, a majority of calls that deal with minor issues can be handled by these AI chatbots for sales, cutting down wait times and letting staff members deal with more urgent tasks or tasks that require human judgment and empathy.

PolyAI has the power to significantly cut the costs of maintenance and improve customer experience, efficiency, and quality of service of businesses regardless of language, industry, or size.

Human-level quality agents, around the clock, every day of the year, for a fraction of the cost? Sounds like a pretty good use of sales and marketing AI if you ask me.

2. Gretel

The more we get familiar with the online space, the more we treasure our personal information, which is why data privacy is among the core issues in today's digital era.

On the other hand, the market is ever-expanding and effective marketing and sales strategies revolve around analyzing customer data, the efficiency of which reflects in successful sales and more customers.

How do you make peace between these opposing trends?

Gretel may just represent the type of solution that satisfies all.

Gretel is a cloud-based synthetic data generation technology that uses deep learning to analyze actual customer data. Once the model gets sufficiently trained, it is capable of creating synthetic data that can be used for the same purposes, just without infringing on real people's right to privacy. These systems enable experts to query sensitive data while abiding by privacy legislation and requirements, which is particularly beneficial for medical and financial services.

You no longer have to wait for weeks or even months to get access and approval to internal data. Does delivery of approximately the same info to your predictive sales AI in 5 minutes seem like a better choice? Not to mention that getting synthetic data bypasses the need of hiring annotating services or collecting vast amounts of customer data.

If services like Gretel gain more prominence, we might finally see a way out of the privacy-online dilemma once and for all.

3. Anyword

Now, writing about this one can get me out of work!

Jokes aside, Anyword is a copywriting AI, designed to generate and optimize copies that will land more conversions and get you more sales, with accurate predictions presented even before a piece gets published.

Writing efficient copies is degrees above typing bad jokes and fluff text. In proper marketing practice, every sentence has a role in driving up sales, optimizing the text for search engines, and maximizing ad campaigns.

Anyword has analyzed an enviable number of successful articles, blog posts, and copies to form accurate predictions about the degree of success of the text currently under construction. Instead of replacing content writers, it will help them make correct choices, hit different demographics, and be more successful at determining an ideal target audience.

For example, this predictive sales AI can estimate the impact of different keywords on conversion rates and attracting more customers. And the choice of format is not limited to articles, as users can pick among ads, landing pages, emails, blogs, sms, and editorial promotion.

In times when marketing gets increasingly more difficult with market saturation, the use of generative AI in sales and marketing can make all the difference.

4. Pilot AI

Imagine being a sales representative and having all the relevant data without having to go over every single call recording hunting for important details!

Well, you don't have to anymore. Pilot AI is a generative AI tool that automatically creates structured information out of call recordings and uploads it to the CRM. With AI doing the chores, sales representatives can focus on the human part of the job and never worry about the efficiency of that pipeline data.

Needless to say, Pilot AI understands the message behind the words and does convert statements into workable sample data. Sales conversations turn into data points, which can be customized depending on the type of business it is used in, such as "budget size", "who is the decision maker", "product/service of interest", etc.

Never miss on relevant data again and never beat yourself up about a piece of information that you skipped in a conversation.



Generative AI has millions of useful solutions that can benefit marketing and sales. From managing sensitive data and predictive sales AI to writing compelling and effective copies, plenty of solutions out there will bring generative AI in sales and marketing to full shine.

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