Our Mission

An individual crafts a personalized Skippet solution, like tables and calendars, using a generative AI crayon powered by Skippet, highlighting the customizability and automation of the platform.

At Skippet, our mission is to empower you to achieve more with computers using natural language. The basic way that we interact with computers hasn’t changed since the 1980s, forcing us to adapt the way we work to the computer and locking us into rigid and complicated software. At Skippet we use AI to flip this age-old paradigm on its head and let you create custom software without writing a line of code or making you think like a software engineer (leave this to us!).

While our long term vision is to provide a platform where you can create virtually any app with natural language, we are starting with one especially pressing problem that everyone encounters in their work life—how do you keep everything organized without spending all your time organizing? From projects to clients, to tasks and after-school programs, everyone needs to keep track of all the data and processes in their lives.

The prospect of having to deal with excessive admin, may be so daunting that you never even start on your project! Yet staying organized is key to achieving your full potential. Skippet provides you with an AI partner to help create just the right system to keep you on track with whatever you are doing—whether it’s starting your side-hustle or trying to impress your team with a new, more efficient, workflow.

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The Team

Three people energetically pedal a tandem bicycle with Skippet-enhanced wheels, symbolizing the united effort of the Skippet team in crafting solutions for their users.

We started working on Skippet in 2021 but we've been committed to solving peoples’ most pressing problems for much longer—before Skippet we launched MyMedBot, a platform that helped thousands of people return safely to their jobs and classrooms during the pandemic.

It was then that we realized the limitations of most software and set out to create a platform that can adapt to your needs no matter how simple or complex they are.

Jacob Arnould
Greg Janota
Satchel Spencer
William Lindvall
Software Engineer
Andrea Buran
Product Designer

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