Pricing plans

Whether you are a solopreneur just starting out or a business with dozens of employees, Skippet has a plan for you. Special pricing is available for non-profits and students.


For individuals organizing personal projects.

1 maker
3 users
9 view types
15 field types
Generate solutions with AI
Advanced data permissions
Powerful data automations
Zapier integration
Limited number of views, items, and automation runs
Support and solution consultation


14-day trial

For working with your team, clients or partners, and managing more complex workflows.

per maker
per month
Everything in Free, plus:
50 makers
500 users
Unlimited number of views, items, and automation runs
Solution implementation


14-day trial

For larger organizations requiring custom implementation.

Everything in Pro, plus:
Unlimited makers
Unlimited users
Complex solution implementation

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions or are unsure whether Skippet is right for you, schedule a 30 minute demo to find out more.
What’s the distiction between Makers and Users?

Makers can create and edit the structure of solutions. This includes creating views, databases, permissions and automations. In smalls teams, most members should be makers to be able to customize Skippet to their needs. Owners are like makers but have no restrictions in terms of the data that they can see.

Users can still edit data in databases (if given permission to) but can never create or edit solutions. This role is best for people outside of your organization, such as clients, partners, or contractors, as well as for employees within a larger company dealing with sensitive data.

Do you offer discounted pricing for non-profits or students?

Yes! If you represent a non-profit or are a student and want access to the Pro plan at a discounted price, we’d be happy to offer you a discount. We want to make sure that you are able to benefit from Skippet. Schedule a call with us to discuss or email telling us who you are and explaining your use case.

Can I get help creating my solution in Skippet?

We offer premium support and a consultation to all users—both free or paid. If you are on the Pro plan or plan to subscribe to the Pro plan, we’d be happy to help you build your solution at no extra cost.

For some complex implementations, the pricing of the subscription would be on a case-by-case basis within our custom plan. This would only be the case when a large number of users, databases, automations or complex permissions are involved.

Last, but not least, our vision is for the AI to help you craft your solution to your precise needs so that you don’t even have to get in touch with us. If you do we got you covered :)

Why is Skippet better than alternatives?

Skippet is made for small business owners who need a custom system to organize their projects and data but don’t have much time to spare. That is, Skippet is for most small business owners :)

Below are a few features that distinguish us from all the alternatives out there:

  • Skippet’s AI helps you create solutions from simple text prompts, without figuring out how to build things manually; if you want human support, we will be your AI and make your solution for you
  • Flexible databases are combined with the intuition of organizing work in pages
  • Powerful automations letting you creating recurring workflows, send custom notifications and pull data through Zapier
  • Permissions which let you choose exactly which data to share in dynamic portals on the level of views or individual rows
  • Unique views such as Page templates which let you dynamically view data from databases or discussions which allow you to chat with others

Check out Skippet in action.