5 Best Generative AI Tools for Artists in 2023

Generative AI has left many artists pondering the future of their careers. But, while there is no replacement for human ingenuity, using generative AI tools in combination with human ingenuity can take artists farther than they thought possible.

Artists, musicians, illustrators, and editors: Instead of pitting yourself against generative AI, why not tap into the goldmine of resources now available? Get from that eureka moment in your head to that first draft in minutes, find bigger and better solutions, and problem-solve in ways you’ve never imagined.

Read on to discover five generative AI art tools that can change the game for your artistic field.

What is Generative AI, and How Does it Differ From Traditional AI?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that is capable of generating novel content (and Skippet blogs). Because its purpose is to produce new and unique outputs, generative AI models have to be trained on incredibly large datasets–ChatGPT, for example, is trained on 175 billion parameters.

In comparison, traditional AI is limited to organizing and analyzing the data it was trained on. This means that, depending on the application, some AI don’t necessarily need billions of parameters. Overall, generative AI and traditional AI tackle complex tasks in vastly different ways.

5 Best Generative AI Tools for Artists

1. Durer for Digital Artists

Durer allows artists to create new images that reflect their unique aesthetic and explore new possibilities in their artwork. By training the AI algorithm using their own artwork as a guide, artists can generate new images that reflect their unique aesthetic and vision.

The app highlights artist-friendly uses of generative AI, providing a valuable tool for brainstorming and testing new ideas that stay on-brand and in line with artists’ styles. The images generated by Durer can be used as inspiration or as starting points that artists can build on.

2. Vanity for VFX Artists 

Vanity, created by MARZ, shaves down traditional VFX times from days and hours to minutes. You’ve likely seen the app at work in productions like Spiderman: No Way Home, The Umbrella Academy, Wednesday, and more.

Vanity helps speed up workflows by letting the AI automate much of the process, allowing artists to make customizations on the side. Once an artist identifies key areas of interest to the app, Vanity will automate that correction for the rest of the frames. Artists no longer have to go shot by shot, frame by frame, which can accelerate VFX timelines by 300 times.

In line with MARZ’ mission to democratize VFX AI, the software can be operated by trained VFX artists but is simple enough to be used by editors, the DI, and even ‘pro-sumer’ content creators. While the program is only usable by the MARZ team while in beta testing mode, Vanity will soon be available for license to the wider population.

3. Soundraw for Musicians

Soundraw enables users to create AI-generated royalty-free music. 

The company's software automatically generates music by combining phrases generated by artificial intelligence and selecting a genre or mood. With a user-friendly interface, artists can easily create their own music.

Soundraw has applications for a wide variety of content. The generated music can serve as background music for YouTube and short-form videos, TV and movies, live streams, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. 

With countless ways to use your custom music, Soundraw opens itself up from an app limited to musicians to an app that welcomes creators from all industries. 

4. OneMint for NFT Artists

Combine the power of two budding industries: generative AI and NFTs! As its name suggests, NFT Art Generator by OneMint can generate PNG, GIF & MP4 NFT's. Along with their wider Marketplace and Access List creation, OneMint also offers an optimized smart contract for your NFT collection. 

The no-code platform allows artists to upload images, text, and video to help form their NFT. A vital aspect of NFT creation, artists can configure certain attributes to be rare than others. Once the NFT is generated, the generator will also automatically generate metadata compatible with Ethereum & Solana Blockchain.

5. Facet for Editors

Facet is loved by illustrators, visual artists, photographers, and production designers alike. The app encourages artists to work smarter, not harder, with their generative AI image editor. 

The platform helps identify, isolate, and select content and can identify and automask thousands of unique objects in images. With content-aware batch editing, Facet makes it as easy to edit 50 images as it is to edit one.

The platform also supports collaboration in a couple of aspects: artists can choose from styles generated by other users in the Facet community, gaining access to various creative perspectives. Its multiplayer functionality also helps connect teams throughout different stages of the creative process.

Unleash Your Creativity with Generative AI

Artists: Join the AI renaissance, and take advantage of the tech that can take your artwork to the next level.

By changing the focus of artistic endeavors away from producing an end result and more toward creating a process, they are making a whole new world of possibilities available. They will motivate a new generation of artists to use tools to become more creative and more efficient with their time by utilizing computers to do the labor and develop near-unlimited variations in a given solution space.

There’s a tool for every stage of the art creation process–but what about the logistics surrounding it? We’re well past the age of compromising with one-size-fits-all models. If AI has taught us anything, it’s that we can find tailored solutions to meet our every need. 

With the power of natural language processing, Skippet can help. Need to create custom apps that fit your workflows? Just a simple text input, and you can have a personalized AI-generated outcome at your fingertips.

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