4 Useful Generative AI Tools for Creatives

The power of generative AI is certainly extraordinary – in 2022, we saw AI-generated art winning fine art competitions, being submitted to large-scale publications, and even writing Skippet blogs. With its rapid computing ability, generative AI can help writers, artists, videographers, and more, spark inspiration and solve creative challenges in a fraction of the time traditional methods would take.

With its ability to produce seamless outputs, generative AI has also sparked controversy about what creatives and their work are going to look like in the future. But AI-generated work absolutely has a role in the creative workplace: you can use it to make your day-to-day life more efficient, aid the conceptualization of ideas, and find out-of-the-box solutions to creative challenges.

Read on to discover 4 revolutionary generative AI tools for creatives. 

What is Generative AI?

As its name suggests, generative AI refers to artificial intelligence that can generate its own original content. In creative industries, generative AI can be applied to a variety of work, including audio, animation, design, typography, writing, and video.

So what sets generative AI apart from traditional AI?

While both are trained based on inputs from a dataset, generative AI is focused on creating new and unique outputs. In comparison, non-generative AI is focused on recognizing or classifying those inputs. Generative AI models typically need to be trained on a larger dataset and, as a result, can be more computationally intensive. Traditional AI, depending on its purpose, can perform as desired using smaller datasets.

Generative AI Tools for Creatives

1. Copywriting: Lately

One of the most important aspects of creating high-quality blogs is sharing them effectively so that you can those views and page visits that you’re looking for. But your stellarly written blog may not be getting the attention it deserves, and this is where Lately comes in.

Lately is a content generator and social media management platform, all in one. It has the special capability to repurpose long-form content–like blogs, podcasts, videos, and more–into highly engaging social media posts. In fact, the app claims to be able to magnify your engagement by over 12,000 percent and cut down writing time by 84 percent.

The platform works by analyzing your brand voice, pinpointing words or phrases that may resonate with your target audience, and generating a series of posts with keywords and phrases that have been statistically successful. Be it organic or paid social, you can strengthen your online presence with the power of this invaluable social media tool. 

2. Designs: Beautiful

It’s a vital form of visual communication, be it to a client, business partner, or internal department–the presentation deck. And, courtesy of generative AI, Beautiful offers a refreshing twist that both non-creatives and expert designers alike can enjoy.

The app is capable of generating decks that leave designers more time to focus on effective storytelling and refining the details. From marketing reports and campaigns to pitch decks and sales proposals, Beautiful can elevate any deck with its sleek AI-generated design options. The platform also has its own image search engine, so you no longer have to toggle between stock photo sites and your design platform.

With intuitive smart templates and design features, designers now have an ‘AI assistant’ that can help tackle time-consuming tasks. Apart from deck creation, designers can also focus their efforts on aspects that need more of a human touch – custom logos, fonts, and overall creative ideation.

3. Video Production: Yepic

Describing itself as an AI video toolkit, Yepic can instantly generate professional videos without the need for an expensive camera, crew, or tedious hours editing footage. 

The app easily allows you to convert a script into video in four simple steps: choose a digital avatar, type your script or upload an audio file, input customizations like voice, language, and visual elements, and finally, download your video. 

With over 450 voices and 65 languages to choose from, Yepic allows both seasoned video producers and first-timers alike to create high-quality videos at a low cost. Without the pressure of creating the video itself, users can focus their energy on drafting rich, compelling scripts.

4. Voiceovers: Resemble

From TikTok ads to audiobooks, Resemble helps users create relevant voiceovers through a variety of formats. The app’s speech-to-speech capabilities allow for voice cloning in as little as three minutes, which can be recorded on or uploaded to the app.

Users don’t have to worry about the usual monotonous and choppy voiceovers of the past –  Resemble captures the nuances of human speech and can morph voices to sound narrative, dramatic, or even sing – in multiple languages.

Optimize Your Creativity with Generative AI

Generative AI has the capability to enhance your work in ways you’ve never seen before, helping you gain invaluable insight and find innovative solutions in record time. 

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