4 Generative AI Tools to Get Ahead in Your Content Production

Nemanja Ćurčić
Jan 31, 2023
Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI is quite neat. You just type in a couple of words and out comes a beautiful picture, a funny video, or a professional or lyrical voice. From the first chatbots, however, the roots of what is generative AI today lie in getting a text out of a textual prompt.

As it usually goes with technology, the first steps into natural language generation were shy and the results were rudimentary when compared with what we have today. 

Today, generative AI converses with us, gives us answers, writes novels and poetry, and engages with us in existential philosophy. When we asked generative AI about its nature and purpose, it gave us an elaborate answer within minutes. Know any humans who can do the same?

Naturally, this type of software has seen large-scale use in business marketing, especially as a content-producing tool. From creating blogs to tweet generation, generative AI has proved to be more than capable of producing outstanding content.

As with many other domains in the ongoing generative AI revolution, it altered our approach to marketing and content creation, permanently.

Generative AI and Content Creation

Content creation, especially for marketing purposes, is more than just writing an informative article or a catchy copy. In the digital domain, every piece of text vies for presence among the top search results. 

Humans use language for communication. We are "programmed" to convey a message, not measure the performance against other words or measure the number of times we include a keyword. It requires a lot of training to start thinking in terms of optimized text, let alone become an expert in it.

That is if you're human. Generative AI has no such issues.

Best AI copywriting tools and AI content generators work hand in hand with content writers to produce top-performing results. Which and how? Read on.


If you're a content writer, how often do you find yourself facing a blank page and a creative block? If you manage a business, do you find the expenses of producing content to be way above your budget?

This AI content generator is a decent example of how to address both cases at the same time.

Copy.ai is a generative AI that specializes in creating blogs, social media posts, and emails from scratch. It follows the best marketing practices of optimized text, higher-converting posts, and more engaging emails.

When starting from a blank page, Copy.ai will ask you what to create first, for example, whether you want a long-form blog post or an email. Then you type in the main points or a couple of sentences for context. Finally, opt for a specific tone, like friendly or professional. Click the "Create Copy" button.


Sift through the results and pick your favorite. You will have to fact-check the end result if the instructions were too specific and maybe do some minor editing, but the whole purpose is to beat the blank page and inspire the best content with the best optimization practice.

Even I could use that from time to time! 😀


When we talk about the best AI copywriting tools, some mention of Jasper is to be expected.

Jasper is an AI content generator for creating text, in both short forms like social media, emails, and copies, and in longer formats such as blog posts and full-size articles.

While it uses 50+ templates to form the base of the text that you need, Jasper relies on its AI technology to customize the writing to suit the needs of the topic at hand. From being an AI tweet generator to writing TikTok video scripts, Jasper dabbles in quite a number of roles. 

You can use Jasper to handle website features such as bullet points. You can use Jasper for brainstorming. For personalized responses to messages. You can add it as a Chrome extension and use it wherever you write.

The end result, in all these cases, is a text that performs better and gets produced faster.

Oh, and Jasper has recently launched an image-generating option, so you can use it to make pictures and illustrations to match your content. Pretty deft!


For starters, Anyword doubles down as both a sales tool and an AI content generator, as mentioned in one of our previous blog posts

Anyword is a content generator, one of its main modes of operation being creating copies that adhere to the current SEO and performance streamlining guidelines from the ground up. The end result is a piece that will achieve predictable results based on the data analyzed by AI.

However, Anyword can also be used by content writers during the writing process, regardless of whether they use an AI tool or do the job by themselves. How come? Well, this generative AI provides instructions and gives accurate estimates on the performance of the article even during the writing process.

In other words, Anyword can give "manual" copywriters tips and advice on the go, combining the personal touch of a human with greater predictability of results that AI provides.

To be able to achieve the analytical prowess it displays, Anyword was fed a vast number of outstanding blog posts, articles, and copies. Its ability to make correct SEO choices, target a specific audience better, and increase conversion rates comes from an informed perspective rather than guesstimates.


While still in early access, Gretel already shows a lot of promise for those who belong in the marketing industry.

Not to be confused with Gretel.ai, a cloud-based synthetic data generator, this Gretel is Gretel.co, an AI digital marketing assistant. Gretel gives access to proactive insights as soon as it gets them, in real-time. It adapts to the apps that you rely on and the habits that you have as it changes the old 80/20 rule to deliver workable, clean, and organized data that you can use all the time.

Apps from the marketing world spew out content on a daily basis. Gretel is there to summarize it and do the necessary research instead of you. This data is then shared with the rest of your team so no one gets left out.

Ultimately, the goal of this generative AI is to supply proactive insights that will guide your decision-making in everything marketing-related. You will no longer have to switch apps or spend hours scouring the web for relevant info.

Gretel, your personal AI marketing assistant. Doing marketing research suddenly isn't all that hard. Count me in!


Generative AI has shown that it makes for the best AI copywriting tools and marketing assistants. Be it generating content or giving valuable data and insights, it proves to be an invaluable asset that few businesses could go without in the months to come.

Similar to generative AI in content production, Skippet aims to revolutionize creating no-code software solutions using natural language processing. With simple instructions in everyday English, you can describe your problem and get a solution custom-made by AI. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could say "I want to streamline my data analysis" and get an app built just for you?

Well, you can. Or you will be able to soon. Join our waitlist and we'll let you know when we launch.