Organize your work faster and better with AI

AI-powered workspace to help you manage your projects and data. For teams, businesses and freelancers.

An individual crafts a personalized Skippet solution, like tables and calendars, using a generative AI crayon powered by Skippet, highlighting the customizability and automation of the platform.

Instantly create a workspace tailored to your industry and goals.

I want to organize my tasks, clients, and notes
A solution in Skippet. Generated with AI to organize projects, tasks, clients, and notes.
Tree foliage laden with charts, forms, and documents symbolizes Skippet’s capability to seamlessly integrate various work and life components.

Organize all parts of your work. From everyday to-dos to complex processes.

An individual waters flourishing plants with a Skippet-powered can, symbolizing effective project management using Skippet.

Stay on top of your work

Whether you’re navigating tasks in a corporate setting or launching a side-hustle, Skippet offers an AI-powered workspace to keep you on course.

A table in Skippet. To handle projects and their data: name, client, start date, end date, ….
Three people pedal a tandem bicycle with Skippet-empowered wheels, representing teamwork and collaboration within Skippet.

Organize your team’s projects

Keep everything secure and organized with advanced permissions.

A calendar in Skippet. To view the deadlines of projects in a calendar and go through them in monthly, weekly, or daily views.
A person uses a Skippet-boosted pole to vault over a towering pile of paperwork, illustrating the ease of overcoming business challenges and mastering data with Skippet.

Manage data in your small business

Create CRMs, client portals and automated workflows with the help of AI from managing your clients to organizing HR systems.

A formatted text field from a table in Skippet. To handle clients and their data: first name, last name, company, phone, email, address, ….

How Skippet’s AI helps you get organized in minutes.

Just describe your needs and receive a tailored solution in minutes, not days or weeks.

I want a project management system for my marketing operations team
A project management system solution in Skippet. Generated with AI to organize and manage the work of a marketing operations team.