Organize your small business better with AI

Manage the data you need to run your business in one place. Create workflows, customer portals and collaborate on projects.

Tree foliage laden with charts, forms, and documents symbolizes Skippet’s capability to seamlessly integrate various work and life components.

One stop shop for all your small business data. Made simple with AI.

Three people pedal a tandem bicycle with Skippet-empowered wheels, representing teamwork and collaboration within Skippet.

Manage projects, no matter the complexity

Assign tasks to colleagues and create dynamic dashboards to oversee your projects. Collaborate with clients and partners through advanced permissions.

A board in Skippet. To track each project proposal’s progress through different steps in the process.
Two people perch on tree branches, observing Skippet-powered charts and documents amidst the foliage, portraying a Skippet system that adapts and expands as per user requirements.

Keep your business data all in one place

Keep your client, project, and meeting data structured, connected, and easily accessible. Customize your system to your precise needs with AI.

A customer relationship management solution in Skippet. Generated with AI to manage customers and their journeys.
Three people celebrate, raising their glasses filled with Skippet-flavored wine, embodying the success of Skippet users in managing their clientele.

Automate recurring and mundane tasks

Automate processes such as client onboarding or recurring deliverables. Send notifications, change statuses, and integrate with external apps using Zapier.

Automations settings in Skippet. Automations let Skippet do actions automatically whenever specific conditions defined through triggers are met.

Workspace adapted to your team’s needs.

Bespoke projects

Deliver large one-off projects with your team and automate recurring jobs.

Client portals

Make your data accessible to clients and partners with robust permissions.

Marketing plans

Track campaigns, organize content, and coordinate with your team.


Organize client information and connect it with your projects, notes, and contacts.

Ops processes

Standardize workflows to make sure no order or requirement is missed.

Knowledge base

Store all your procedures, directories, and checklists in one place.

Do you run an agency?

Explore Skippet for agencies

Every small business is unique. Our AI understands that.

Just describe your needs and receive a tailored system to organize your data in minutes, not days or weeks.

I want to manage my photo shoots, photos, clients, and invoices
A solution in Skippet. Generated with AI to manage a photography studio, from photo shoots and photos to clients and invoices.

Hear from our users...

Skippet is a life-saver for me. I use it daily to manage all aspects of my coaching business from planning workshops workshop planning to organizing my customers and planning my marketing strategy.

I feel confident that as my business expands Skippet’s AI and the amazing team at Skippet will help me adapt alongside it.

Skippet has been instrumental for our internal organisation. It is a great resource not only for note-taking but also for scheduling events and sorting information.

It has helped the team collaborate more closely by creating a centralised database accessible to all. Everyone’s progress is thus instantly visible.