4 innovative tech tools to boost your productivity

Looking for ways to optimize your workspace and increase your productivity levels? 

Keep reading to discover four cutting-edge tech tools to help set you up for a productive and focused workday. 

1. Pick up an energy patch

Looking for a caffeine-free energy alternative? The FeelZing energy patch is a neurostimulating patch that can increase energy and focus. No bluetooth connection or charging cable necessary–the patch simply needs to be placed as close to the mastoid, a spot behind your ear, as possible. 

So how does the patch actually work?

When in use, the patch causes transcutaneous peripheral nerve stimulation (tPNS), sending a specific waveform of electrical currents through the skin and nerves to stimulate the brain. FeelZing claims that both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves should be activated, balancing our nervous systems so that we can be focused and alert without being too jittery, and calm without being too lethargic.

In a double-blind study, 84% of individuals who used the patch reported a moderate to strong effect of increased energy. 

2. Use a smartwatch

Keep your notifications handy

Take advantage of wearable tech to stay on top of important notifications and filter out distractions. By receiving notifications straight to your wrist, you can quickly respond to urgent messages from your team, even when you’re away from your laptop or phone. You can also set your notifications to send alerts for important work apps or upcoming meetings, and set unimportant apps to silent throughout the work day. When it’s time to switch off and take your mind off work, no problem–just switch the necessary notifications to silent!

Track your stress levels

Smartwatches can also help you figure out when it’s best to step away from the screen. With heartbeat monitors and the ability to take blood oxygen measurements, your watch offers invaluable metrics to let you know when you may not be performing at your most productive. You can also set a heart rate threshold so that your watch sends you a notification when your heart rate is exceeding healthy or normal levels. When stressed, sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take a break–and your smartwatch can help make sure you don’t miss out on those productive rest periods.

3. Try out a smart standing desk

Standing desks pose a number of health benefits, which may also have great knock-on effects on your productivity, too. Aside from aiding your posture, lowering heart rates, and reducing the risk for obesity, standing desks can also reduce mental fatigue and improve focus. 

Smart standing desks like the NextErgo Standing Desk use AI to help improve your work experience, from posture-perfecting technology to voice control integration. Using AI, the desk collects behavioral patterns and can tell you when to stand or sit. You can also set reminders on when to drink, eat, take a walk, and even follow step-by-step yoga exercises on the desk’s touchscreen control panel.

4. Use a task-tracking app

Love the feeling of crossing off a task on your to-do list? Take it to the next level with a task-tracking app. These productivity apps have a variety of benefits, including simplifying your progress tracking, decluttering your workspace, and streamlining communications with your teammates.

There are many great apps to choose from, but you may find that these fall short to address the complexities of problems at work, which may each present their own specific needs. Workstyles are not a one-size-fits-all model, either, which means that not everyone on your team may find a specific task-tracking app productive.

This is where an ultra-flexible productivity app like Skippet can come in handy–make the tool fit your problem instead of trying to fix your problem with the wrong tool.

Go farther with tech

With innovative tech tools, you can level up your workspace, better manage the effects of stress and fatigue, and end your workday feeling satisfied and energized for tomorrow.

Skippet will help you track projects and set up workflows that fit your needs like a glove. With Skippet’s AI-powered interface, you will be able to quickly and easily create custom tools to simplify and automate your work – your imagination’s the limit.

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