Skippet’s new AI is here! Instantly organize your projects

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released a new version of our AI. In this blog I will dive into some details about why AI is at the core of Skippet and what you can do with it!

Why Skippet?

We all love bringing our projects to life but despise organizing them. We trial dozens of softwares, read blogs, ask ChatGPT but end up using a concoction of spreadsheets and word documents. 

In addition:

  • Staring at a blank slate is intimidating
  • Many traps lie along the way: data silos, duplicated date wrong database structures

As a result, people end up spending hours figuring things out, purchasing ill-fitted templates or paying thousands of dollars to consultants.

What if, from the beginning, you could have one place to organize your work without having to invest the time and money on learning how to set it up and build it from scratch?

That’s Skippet!

A screen recording of using AI to generate a solution for managing marketing campaigns by typing in a prompt. The solution includes a table of campaigns, tasks board and campaign calendar.
Instantly generate a campaign tracker for your marketing team.

What can you do with Skippet’s AI?

In our latest release, we focus on creating systems to organize data and present it in different ways. Skippet can generate:

  • Connected databases with links between, created according to the best data management principles
  • Views of your data such as maps, calendars and boards
  • Simple automations: Such as setting the date of when an item is created

All this is wrapped in a neat and intuitive summary page. And this is just the first version. With Skippet’s powerful platform we will both increase the accuracy and breadth of created solutions. So that you always get what you ask for, or what you didn’t even know you needed to ask for.

A screen recording of using AI to generate a solution for organizing investors and customer pipeline by typing in a prompt. The solution includes an investor meetings calendar, table of tasks and a board showing the customer pipeline.
Create a custom OS for your startup in seconds.

A project management system for every job in any industry

Skippet’s AI can generate solutions for all sorts of use cases, both collaborative and personal. Currently, Skippet’s platform does best in organizing projects and knowledge for freelancers, small businesses and teams. As we expand Skippet’s features including integrating with external services, Skippet’s AI will do even more. When you start with Skippet, some of the suggested prompts include:

  • I want to manage the quality assurance team in my drinks company 
  • I want to track my social media posts in a calendar 
  • I want to plan my wedding in France

Skippet is versatile and tailored to you. Want to see it in action? Check out this demo video from Skippet’s CEO & co-founder.

Check out Skippet in action.