How Artificial Intelligence Spearheads Small Businesses – 3 Case Studies

It gets shouted from the rooftops: artificial intelligence is an invaluable asset to every competitive small business today. 

That said, the whole idea for many seems to be too vague to implement. In other words, it can be difficult to see how AI technologies can boost the efficiency, productivity, and revenue of small businesses in practice.

Today we deliver three case studies from the people who took the plunge and witnessed their enterprises not only survive but prosper.

ad-flex communications: Campaigns that Rely on AI Insights

As a company that has completely embraced the perks of using digital intelligence assets, ad-flex expands their clients' presence on the market by using the AI to custom-tailor their campaigns.

In collaboration with their partner, Pattern89, ad-flex has run a two-week A/B benchmark test in order to measure and compare the results of their campaigns with and without the assistance of AI.

After almost 3000 ads and billions of data points worth of processing, the results came out clear: the AI-boosted campaign turned out vastly superior with 81% less expenses per result, 439% the conversion volume for equivalent costs, and 11% impressions overall. 

The outcome is obvious. By using data-driven analysis and software optimization, ad-flex gained an edge over traditional modes of marketing promotion. 

Fine Wine Delivery: Natural Language Virtual Assistance

If you've ordered something from Fine Wine Delivery, a New Zealand-based retailer, you've probably already met the team behind it, or at least their virtual versions.

Search engines are usually very limited when it comes to imprecise instructions. This company's virtual assistants, designed in partnership with Spacetime and fed by a comprehensive library of data of everything wine-related, are capable of understanding colloquial inputs and delivering results based on natural language. Keywords such as "sweeter", "fruitier", or "drier" might confuse search engines, but not this AI.

The end result is that saying "big chocolatey Barossa Shiraz for $50" will actually deliver results, which does away with the need to constantly house a wine connoisseur at the store or behind the keyboard. Pretty convenient, isn't it?

Magoosh: AI-Powered Customer Support 

We all know how stressful studying can be. Magoosh, on the other hand, has made its mission to prove the contrary. With a team of devoted educators, they invent tools, resources, and innovative methods to make learning more personalized, enjoyable, and successful. 

As they grew, so did their customer base, which necessitated larger support logistics. Magoosh used ZenDesk to manage their customer support requests, but with over 900 pre-written macros it had become increasingly difficult to find answers and respond to queries within the optimal time limit. 

To overcome this negative tendency, Magoosh turned to DigitalGenius and their AI solutions.

DigitalGenius was fully integrated into their existing ZenDesk system as it targeted tickets that required immediate resolution. The AI solved these without any agent involvement, freeing up customer support agents to tackle more complex issues. 

The result? In 2019 when the case study was made, DigitalGenius got involved with 83% of all Magoosh support tickets, with the AI displaying 92% accuracy when predicting tags. Also, the CSAT score for tickets resolved without human interference was 95%. Ultimately, the customer support queue was halved. Talk about efficiency!

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