5 ways AI can make your daily life easier in 2023

AI is giving us more and more uses each day. With the increase in applications of artificial intelligence, we’re sure there are ways you can use it to your advantage in daily life. 

Keep scrolling to discover how AI can make your daily life more pleasant, productive, and easy to manage.

1. Optimize your schedule

Creating an efficient schedule can be a chore if you're always on the go. You may find appointments falling through the cracks or realize that you have no free time in the middle of a jam-packed day.

With AI, you can optimize your schedule to find more free time and take away any anticipatory stress before busier weeks. AI schedule builders can help you automate appointments, schedule your to-do list around existing commitments, and even build healthier habits.

Start optimizing your schedule in seconds with Skippet’s AI: simply type out what you want to do, how about “I want to manage my to-do list and send myself reminders every day for when I need to drink water”? Skippet creates a custom database with views and automations tailored to your needs in seconds. Make sure to join our beta to try it out yourself!

A natural language processing (NLP) input field to write your needs which Skippet can translate into a no-code app using Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

2. Write emails faster

Thinking of the best way to write an email can take up time and energy – but with the help of AI, communications become a breeze. Text generators like ChatGPT can help you draft personalized messages in a matter of seconds. 

Say you’re writing to your physician’s office to follow up on the results of an appointment. You can ask the text generator something like: Write a brief, professional-toned email to Mary Kim at the clinic asking to follow up on the test results.

3. Keep track of your finances

Want to save up for that big-ticket item or simply keep your finances in check? An AI finance tracker may be just the app for you. With the right app, you can link your bank accounts and gain insights for wiser spending habits.

AI can give you data-driven insights on whether it’s the right time to put down that down payment on a new apartment or how your current spending habits will affect your credit score.

If you find it hard to motivate yourself to save, AI can also set challenges and benchmarks to help you reach your goals. But sometimes unexpected costs come up, which can hold you back. Using machine learning, AI can keep track of how you spend and deduce how much you can set aside each week. While it holds you accountable, it’s also adaptable, easy to use, and highly flexible. 

4. Run the house

There’s no place like a smart home. By integrating AI into your home, you can make it more secure, easier to control, and worry less.

Left the stove on? You’ll be notified before any permanent damage occurs. Leaving for a weekend trip? You can rest assured that your home is secure with AI-facial recognition and motion sensors.

You can also use a voice-controlled assistant using natural language processing (NLP) to control devices and speak to your home naturally. Not only is this hands-free tech highly convenient, but it also allows greater accessibility for children and vision-impaired users. 

5. Find inspiration

Trying to find inspiration can be difficult when you’re starting from scratch. So why not let AI do some of the thinking for you? Generative AI can offer a range of suggestions and ideas for you to choose from or kickstart your creative journey.

Perhaps you’ve had a busy week, and your close friend is celebrating their birthday over the weekend. It’s Friday already, and you have no idea where to begin in finding a gift. But AI does! Generative AI can help produce a list of ideas for your gift. Simply input one hobby or interest your friend has, and voilà – you’ll be buying that thoughtful gift in no time. 

Adding AI to your daily routines 

AI can benefit your daily routines, from optimizing your day and helping you communicate to sorting out your spending and keeping you creative. 

No matter the use, AI is a powerful ally to make your day-to-day efficient, enjoyable, and a little more effortless. 

And, of course, AI is also an invaluable addition to work – and Skippet is the perfect solution!

With Skippet, you can create customized apps to fit your specific needs. We use the power of AI and NLP to ensure you can quickly implement a solution to your needs. Simply type out what you need; no need to look for the right words to say – you already have them. 

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