5 ways AI can help transform your project management

Using artificial intelligence in your project management can make project completion more efficient and effective than ever before. Menial tasks that once took hours can be completed in minutes so you can better meet timelines, stay within budget and have more freedom to plan with the big picture of the business in mind.

Keep reading to discover five ways AI can help you and your team address the pain points of project management with ease.

1. Easier to prioritize tasks and resources

One of AI’s key strengths is identifying patterns and trends, allowing it to make optimal recommendations. When it comes to which task to prioritize, let AI take some of the mental load! 

AI algorithms can consider factors like deadlines, dependencies, and resource availability to allocate priorities effectively. Making smart decisions on resourcing is especially important considering that today, one-tenth of allocated resources are wasted due to poor project management processes. 

By establishing task importance and the resources needed to complete those tasks, AI saves time and mental effort, allowing individuals to focus on high-value tasks and make informed decisions about how to best allocate resources.

2. Reduces repetition and human error

Through machine learning, AI can learn from past project data and identify patterns to automate recurring tasks like scheduling, documentation, and reporting. This not only saves time and effort but also reduces the likelihood of human error. 

AI is the secret weapon that project managers have been waiting for to automate repetitive tasks. With its advanced algorithms, AI can take over mundane and time-consuming activities such as scheduling, documentation, and reporting, freeing up valuable time for managers to focus on more strategic and impactful work. 

By leveraging AI's automation capabilities, project managers can streamline their workflows, increase efficiency, and say goodbye to the tedious grind of repetitive tasks.

3. Mitigates project risk

AI is well-known for taking large swathes of data and giving us actionable insights. When it comes to project management, this strength takes shape in making smart decisions that reduce risk.

AI-powered predictive modeling can simulate different scenarios, allowing managers to assess potential outcomes. This data-driven approach not only minimizes the risk of errors but also maximizes the chances of project success. 

With AI as a trusted ally, project managers can confidently navigate the complexities of project management and make strategic decisions that drive project outcomes to new heights.

4. Acts as a virtual assistant

AI’s poster child, ChatGPT, has revolutionized the way we interact with data analysis and the ability to obtain instant insights. These advancements are now finding their way into project management tools, giving rise to intelligent "bots" or virtual assistants. 

Oracle, for example, recently unveiled their new project management digital assistant, designed to provide real-time updates and assist users in updating task progress using text, voice, or chat interfaces.

5. Improves work culture

We’ve all heard the argument that AI is taking the humanity out of work. But we argue that it also has the effect of helping to foster a healthier, more collaborative work environment.

Integrating AI into project management can improve work culture by freeing up time for employees to focus on more meaningful work. This leads to increased job satisfaction and promotes innovation within a team. 

With real-time data insights and predictive analytics, AI also encourages transparency and accountability. It can enhance communication and collaboration, streamlining the sharing of updates, task assignments, and feedback.

Overall, AI-powered project management tools can nurture a cohesive work culture characterized by efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and employee empowerment.

Manage your projects better with AI

By implementing AI in project management, workers can benefit from increased productivity, effective decision-making, and an improvement in overall job performance. But 61% of workers surveyed by PwC found that one of the biggest barriers to adopting AI is investing and training workers in AI.

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With Skippet, individuals and teams can organize projects without the tedious (and often expensive) training or steep learning curve of complicated software. Everyone has projects in their day-to-day life that could be managed better, and Skippet’s AI is here to help.

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