4 powerful generative AI tools for freelancers

While the freedoms of being a freelancer are great – flexible hours, being your own boss, and having more overall autonomy, to name a few – it can be difficult to work without the resources of a larger company. But generative AI is changing the game for freelancers, and we’ve got just the tools you need to thrive. 

Keep reading to learn about four useful generative AI apps to strengthen your freelancing toolkit.

1. Chatsonic for content ideation

We are no strangers to the power of ChatGPT – but generative AI chatbot Chatsonic takes everything ChatGPT is capable of and pushes it that much further.

Employed by the likes of Microsoft, Spotify and Rakuten, Chatsonic is trained on Google Search data, which means that the responses you get from the chatbot account for current events and topics in real-time. Simply turn on the option to “include latest Google data”, and you’re good to go! 

In terms of accessibility, we also give the app five stars: Chatsonic allows for inputs to be made by text or voice commands.

As a content ideation tool, Chatsonic’s user-friendly interface and ability to pull information from Google make it a powerful asset to any freelancer. 

2. Fireflies for note taking

Staying organized with the needs of your different clients is made easier with Fireflies. The generative AI note taking app cuts out the hassle of writing down important information as you engage in your meetings. 

Fireflies records and transcribes videos from Zoom and Google Meet to ensure that you never miss a detail. With information transcribed and ready, the app reduces the need for follow-up calls and conversation, so you can deliver your work faster. Without the hassle of notetaking, you can also stay more present with clients and make the most of that crucial face-to-face time. 

The app’s AI search function also allows you to review hour-long meetings in minutes, and filter and listen back to key topics. With features like a self-updating knowledge base, and meeting recaps that can be organized into channels, you can stay organized as you go from client to client. 

All in all, Fireflies allows you to make the most of your client interactions and gain rich insights to strengthen the quality of your projects.

3. Kickresume for job hunting

As a freelancer, a solid resume and cover letter is crucial to attaining the clients you want to work with and growing your client base. Kickresume is a simple generative AI tool that helps make sure you are putting your best foot forward from the get-go.

With features like a resume builder, cover letter writer, and resume checker, Kickresume uses the power of GPT-4 to help you generate outputs that are highly tailored to what your client is looking for. 

This tool is especially useful if you work with clients from different industries, as you can make sure that your information is geared to their area of expertise.

4. Skippet for admin tasks

For freelancers, sometimes the admin associated with managing your freelancing business can get overwhelming. But Skippet can help smooth out your workflows – all in one space.

With highly customizable options, Skippet allows you to manage tasks, plan projects and organize your client roster. Simply type in what you need, and the app will generate what you need. Using generative AI, you can better keep track of deadlines, oversee the timelines of your projects and keep track of your clients to ensure that your admin is efficient.

Instead of going to a bunch of different apps for all these processes, try Skippet today and save yourself the headache! 

Freelance like a pro with generative AI

From brainstorming content, gaining rich insights in client meetings, putting your best foot forward with resumes and cover letters and helping you with time-consuming admin tasks, Generative AI is growing limitless in its applications for freelancers.

With the big challenge of running an entire business left to you, harnessing the power of generative AI is becoming a must in order to stay competitive and make managing your freelancing business that much easier.

Want to get your freelancing business organized like a pro? Get started now with Skippet!

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