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Organize your team’s projects, data and processes. Get customizable systems in minutes with AI.

I want to plan my team’s projects, tasks, and deliverables
A solution in Skippet. Generated with AI to manage and plan a team’s projects, tasks, and deliverables.

Just describe your team’s needs and get a workspace that fits like a glove.

Distinct icons of a home, cloud, and coin shimmer in the unique Skippet gradient, showcasing the multifaceted domains of work and life that Skippet streamlines.

Extreme flexibility to fit your use case. Made simple with AI.

Three people examine and deliberate the optimal route on a Skippet-infused foldable map, signifying a team evaluating their project roadmap.

Collaborate on projects

Coordinate with your team and external partners. Keep everyone in the loop with dynamic dashboards.

A table in Skippet. To handle projects and their data: name, team, client, start date, end date, ….
An individual waters flourishing plants with a Skippet-powered can, symbolizing effective project management using Skippet.

Keep your team’s data all in one place

Make knowledge easily accessible and connected: CRM, meeting notes, campaign tracking allin one place.

A customer relationship management solution in Skippet. Generated with AI to manage customers and their journeys.
Three people pedal a tandem bicycle with Skippet-empowered wheels, representing teamwork and collaboration within Skippet.

Empower your team to stay organized

Avoid notes scattered across docs & DMs. Create one scalable organization system for your team or empower them to easily create their own with AI.

A formatted text field from a table in Skippet. To handle meetings and their: date, subject, attendees, ….

Workspace adapted to your team’s needs

Bespoke projects

From delivering large projects for clients to tracking monthly compliance check-ups.

Client portals

Make your data accessible to clients and partners with robust permissions.

Marketing calendars

Track campaigns, manage content across channels and coordinate with your team.


Organize client information and connect it with your projects, notes and contacts.

HR processes

Manage your HR processes such as recruitment, leave approvals & directory.

and more…

Create systems for your team in minutes with AI.

Just describe your needs and receive a tailored solution in minutes, not days or weeks.

I want to manage the recruitment process of candidates
A solution in Skippet. Generated with AI to manage recruitment, from open positions to candidates and interviews.