August 23, 2022
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We’ve heard about the groundbreaking no-code apps that are taking the tech world by storm. By simplifying complex programs and cutting the cost of software development for agencies by as much as 80%, the time-saving and financial benefits of no-code are clear. But the impact of no-code stretches far beyond the bottom line: vital social causes around the world are championing the use of no-code to fortify their services and strengthen their responses.

A quick refresher on ‘no-code’

True to its name, no-code allows non-tech users to take advantage of the power of programming languages without typing a single line of code. No-code apps supply you with a toolkit of prefigured components through a graphic interface, offering an easy way to build apps regardless of your industry or level of coding experience–and without the years of experience your average programmer would have.

Keep reading to discover 4 ways no-code apps are helping vital social causes champion meaningful change.

1. How New Incentives Nigeria used no-code to scale immunization efforts

Operating in Nigeria, New Incentives is a nonprofit working to improve infant mortality rates through immunization. The organization is constantly balancing the needs of a global team with operations that often take place in rural areas.

Under COVID-19, New Incentives was largely unsure if they would be able to continue running. But the group realized that a no-code app-building platform could be used to address external needs and communicate with external communities.

New Incentives was able to build apps that let team members collect data from communities, assess the data, and make the necessary changes. Consequently, the New Incentives team was able to stay aligned with those they served, even under unpredictable conditions. Syncing made it easier to combat issues like faulty internet connection or lack of mobile service in remote areas.

With the help of no-code, New Incentives scaled from an average of 5,800 infants added to its program monthly in 2020 to 27,000 just for the month of June in 2021.

2. How MyMedBot helped COVID-19 responses with pre-built templates

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, MyMedBot, a no-code forms platform, identified issues with effective community responses. As schools and businesses planned their return to in-person classes and work in September 2020 they needed a simple and efficient way to confirm with their community members that they didn’t have symptoms and, later on, their vaccination status. 

MyMedBot provided schools and businesses with symptom screening templates in accordance with CDC Guidelines and templates that allowed respondents to provide test results and proof of vaccination status. Being a highly flexible solution, these templates provided users with a strong basis for their forms that they could manipulate, e.g. add and remove questions and answers, send only to certain people, to fit their unique requirements. 

As one user put it, “Schools needed a way to limit those who will be present and without symptoms and to know who would not be in the building. MyMedBot filled that need with an easy to use app which can be tailored to each school’s specific needs. It is simple to set up and easy to change quickly as governmental and medical recommendations change.” 

3. How WorldVision improved their project management with no-code

Before using a no-code project management platform, global charity WorldVision used word processing and spreadsheet software to gather and store data. It quickly became labor-intensive to sync data in real time. The software also lacked time-tracking capabilities, making task management much more cumbersome. 

With their new platform, data could be accessed by staff without relying on members to update the database. The staff also used no-code software to create a simple time tracking app, allowing for transparency and better visibility for task allocation and resourcing.

4. How City Harvest London organized their deliveries with no-code

City Harvest London was used to relying on paper and spreadsheets to help drivers manage food pickups and deliveries; however, when the nonprofit started expanding, these processes were simply too inefficient to scale.

With the help of a no-code platform, City Harvest was able to create customized apps for day-to-day operations. Today, the organization is effectively managing all of its food redistribution services. Drivers are entering all required information about food pickups and deliveries on the go, which are instantly synced to the entire team. Meanwhile, at the office, staff are accessing all the data in real time for reporting and analysis.

Since adopting no-code, City Harvest has doubled their food delivery capacity, and thereby the number of people who benefit from the service, showing the tangible benefits of no-code applications in their work.

Amplify your impact with no-code

As we continue to craft and deploy groundbreaking technologies, harnessing their ability to strengthen the communities we care about cannot be overlooked. Beyond the financial and productivity benefits, no-code has the capability to affect change at levels more meaningful than we may see at first glance.

Why wait to create change? Start integrating no-code into your workflows with Skippet! Our platform offers diverse solutions that cater to all of your no-code business needs. Exciting features are in the works – join our waitlist today and be the first to know when we launch!

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Getting organized is as easy as typing a sentence in plain English.
Skippet is free during Beta.

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