Software Engineering Intern



0-1 years

Paid Internship

Skippet’s mission is to empower humans to achieve more with computers using natural language. 


By enabling anyone to create apps simply by describing their needs in plain English 🤖.

We are looking for a passionate Software Development Intern who can immerse themselves into our product and contribute to different parts of the codebase (AI & no-code platform).

At Skippet you would be working at a high level of abstraction (working on our proprietary Abstract Syntax Tree) while simultaneously implementing intuitive user interfaces for real users to solve their business & personal challenges. You would be given responsibility working in a small, agile, and international team backed by Neo VC and other Silicon Valley investors.

What would you be working on?

You would have quite a wide latitude to choose the areas of the codebase that you’d like to contribute to, depending on what you find most interesting. This could include:

  • Training and optimizing our Text-to-App natural language processing models
  • Building out new user-facing features in Skippet’s no-code platform. This could involve creating new views to display data, expanding the power of our Documents, or interfaces for Text-to-App.

Additionally, depending on your interests and our needs you could contribute in other areas:

  • Conducting QA prior to the product’s release and following new feature releases
  • Working on the resolution of bugs with the rest of the development team
  • Assisting with product analytics and automating internal processes

Who are we looking for?

This position is aimed at future world-class software engineers who are still at university or just starting out their careers

This role is for you if:

  • You are a college student at a top CS/technical department with a strong GPA
  • And/or you have impressive personal projects, research contributions or strong past work experience
  • You have a passion for solving difficult and abstract problems while still focusing on user outcomes
  • Knowledge of Typescript and React is helpful but not necessary if you learn fast 🙂
  • We value diversity & inclusion across all dimensions. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and we are proud to have Global Community as one of our values. 🌍 We therefore encourage you to apply even if you feel you may not tick all the boxes.

What are the specs?

  • The internship is paid.
  • Flexible around timing but expected to be 1-2 months during the summer months.
  • Possibility to join Full Time based on performance. It is not necessary to be able to join Full Time to successfully apply to the internship.
  • The internship is Remote. Our team is split across Europe & the US and your working hours would be flexible.

Any Questions?

  • If you have any questions about the role or the recruitment process at Skippet please reach out to

How to apply

February 3, 2023

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Let Skippet inspire you to create apps for your work and life. It’s as easy as typing a sentence in plain English.
Skippet is free during Beta.

Let Skippet inspire you to create apps for your work and life. It’s as easy as typing a sentence in plain English. Skippet is free during Beta.

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