Organize your freelancing with AI

Stop dreading your admin. Harness the power of AI to streamline tasks, projects, and client management.

I want to manage my copywriting business
A solution in Skippet. Generated with AI to manage a copywriting business, from projects and food-for-thought articles to clients and invoices.

Juggling tasks, managing clients, and staying creative—freelancing is tough. Let’s make it easier with Skippet.

A still-life scene of a mug, computer, tablet, and breakfast epitomizes the diverse facets of one’s daily life and work, hinting at Skippet’s role in streamlining them.

Organize all parts of your world, from the everyday to the complex.

A person adeptly snatches varied objects like a house, chart, and ice cream with a Skippet-enhanced butterfly net, symbolizing the organization of diverse tasks and responsibilities.

Manage tasks

Manage your to-dos seamlessly, automate your workflows, hit every deadline. Keep your work-life balance intact with Skippet.

A calendar in Skippet. To view the dates of photo shoots in a calendar and go through them in monthly, weekly, or daily views.
Three people examine and deliberate the optimal route on a Skippet-infused foldable map, signifying a team evaluating their project roadmap.

Plan projects

Easily oversee your projects, structure your timelines, and create dashboards to track progress.

A page in Skippet. To manage a project and its details, and plan to-dos and tasks.
Three people celebrate, raising their glasses filled with Skippet-flavored wine, embodying the success of Skippet users in managing their clientele.

Organize client relations

Keep track of all your client information in one place, manage your outreach, and nurture existing relationships.

A table in Skippet. To handle a client pipeline and its data: client name, company, phone, email, address, ….

For all types of freelancers


Transform your writing workflow by structuring your research and content drafting.


Streamline your design process from planning to approval and delivery.


Manage your coaching business by tracking the progress of your sessions.


Organize your tasks, projects, and client data, to stay on top of all your work.

Social media managers

Track campaigns, posts and content calendars staying aligned with your clients.

and more…

Every minute spent on admin pulls you away from your work. Skippet’s AI is here to help.

Just describe your needs and receive a tailored solution in minutes, not days or weeks.

I want to manage my photo shoots, tools, clients, and invoices
A solution in Skippet. Generated with AI to manage a photography business, from photo shoots and tools to clients and invoices.